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She Leads Africa: The African Digital Company Paving the Way for African Millennials

They want more. African millennial women want more: access, education and opportunities. These women are global, creative and are emerging as a driving force for Africa’s cultural renaissance. 

It has been widely documented that countries benefit when women are educated, working and active participants in their communities. Despite the proven benefits of women’s economic engagement, women still face disproportionate barriers when it comes to accessing education, business networks, financing, markets, and equal protection under the law.

In recent times various organisations have championed the cause of educating the girl child, particularly in the developing world. By investing millions of dollars and developing initiatives that are dedicated to improving access, African women are finally being given access to opportunities that would not be available to them otherwise.

She Leads Africa has become a gateway to this access for thousands of professional African women. Since 2014, the media company has successfully created a community of young women of various backgrounds and life stages, from students to entrepreneurs and professionals. In their short time they have built a community of 650,000 young women both in Africa and in the diaspora. 

Helping these young women to achieve their professional goals is the guiding principle at the centre of all of She Leads Africa’s activities, from the digital content to masterclasses to their annual SLAY Festival.

Their Annual SLAY Festival is an out loud version of their digital community with more than 4,ooo young African women coming together for this once a year experience.

SLAY Festival is a safe space and She Leads Africa is the ultimate support system. Professional events can be stiff and subdued, however SLAY Festival is all about creating a fun environment where young women can fully be themselves. Brunches, slumber parties, art and musical performances are just a few of the recreational activities that take place. 

Even in the excitement of the event, its purpose is not lost – young women are able to network and engage with potential employees at grassroot levels – in the past, this has included Nestle, Samsung, Clinique and many more. They’re able to hear from those that they hope to emulate and also form relationships with like-minded individuals. The feedback from attendees shows how successful She Leads Africa’s deeds thus far. But this is just the beginning. 

This year they continue their efforts with this year’s SLAY Festival, themed Innovation, Culture and Community. The organisers of SLAY Festival have focused their efforts on providing a solid immersive experience. With speakers from various industries and an increase in the number of masterclasses and one-on-one sessions, the aim is to leave lasting and tangible impact on the lives of attendees. She Leads Africa is going all out to create a legacy of successful young black African women. 

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