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Providing transformational learning experiences for young South African women

Over the past three years, She Leads Africa has trained more than 600 women in entrepreneurship, technology and leadership in Johannesburg, CapeTown and Durban, SouthAfrica.

SheHive Bootcamps – networking and learning bootcamp for professionals looking to breakthrough, live their purpose and get real results in their businesses and careers. Create a space for female entrepreneurs and professionals to network.

ESSENCE Festival Durban Tech Zone – three day interactive experience with speakers at the Tech Zone at ESSENCE Festival Durban.

In 2016 and 2017, we hosted 3 editions of our signature SheHive bootcamps in Johannesburg and CapeTown.


In 2017, She Leads Africa was commissioned to create and execute the concept of the first ever Tech Zone during the ESSENCE Festival Durban

She Leads Africa is a media brand that knows how to effectively communicate with millennial African women and help brands create compelling campaigns that standout.

Work with us if you’re looking for creative strategic recommendations to help move your business forward, access to the She Leads Africa platform to tell your brand stories, events to bring your brand to life and research and analytics to understand where the market is heading.

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